Support Tools

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Cell Phone Store Instructions - Detailed instructions you can print and take with you as a reference.
Getting Started Guide - A simple how-to guide for starting your collection.
Our New Recycling Box - Our new recycling box is designed to grab attention and keep the phones you've collected out of sight with a covered top. The new design is slightly smaller and ideal for counter tops at a retail store, break room, reception desk, well you get the idea.
General Senior Center Poster - Multigenerational image promoting collection for general services.
Environmental Poster - Landfill image promoting environmental causes for collecting phones.
Price Guide - A list of used cell phones and their estimated value.

Support tools are not necessary, but they can definitely help you raise awareness for your collection. Several poster options are available, so pick the one you feel will work best for your organization. Click on the images above to view the support tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then print them on your printer or send them to a local copy shop for color copies or large quantities.

If you have an idea about additional materials, contact Cellular Recycler at