Print a FedEx Label

Please read the instructions below thoroughly before printing a FedEx label.

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Only Ship 50 Phones or More

This free shipping tool is for senior centers and faith-based organizations that have collected more than 50 phones. If you haven't reached 50 phones, don't worry. With over 500 million used cell phones in the U.S., it won't be long until you get there!

Pack 'em Up

Collected cell phones can be shipped in any sturdy cardboard box you have. Fill in the extra space with newspaper or another packing material to prevent damage to phones. Remember to tape the boxes well as phones are quite heavy during shipping.

Print Your Label

Only print a label when your package is full and ready to ship. Printed FedEx labels will be void if not scanned in the FedEx system within 10 days from when printed. Each label is unique. If you have more than one box, you'll need to click the 'print label' button more than once. Make sure your printer is on, connected and stocked with letter size paper. This online system is not set up to work with label printers.

*If sending in less than 50 phones, a $7.50 shipping deduction will be taken in order to help keep this program free.

If you need assistance with this online system,
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