What if I don't have enough phones to qualify for free shipping?

If you do not have the minimum of 4 phones to qualify for free shipping, Cellular Recycler will still responsibly recycle your cell phone. Just put it in the mail to the address below:

Cellular Recycler
4840 Sterling Drive Unit A
Boulder, CO 80301

What if I don't know my old phone model?

If your phone has a removable battery, the model number is located under the battery in most cases. If your phone has an internal battery, your model number is located on the back of the phone. All phones will list the model number in the settings menu if you are able to power the phone on.

How much are cell phones worth?

The average box received is worth about $1 to $2 per phone. Phones two years and newer are typically worth $5 to $175 per phone. Older phones can be melted down for their precious metals and are worth $0.25.

Do you recycle the chargers and other accessories?

Yes. We recycler chargers, blue-tooth’s, ear buds, etc. However, we ask that any boxes or manuals you receive are recycled on your own as they take up a lot of space when shipped with your phones.

What happens to the data on the phones?

Our R2/ISO certification ensures that each handset, hard drive and SD card is data cleared to the NIST’s special publication 800-88 guidelines for media sanitation. Phones that can be re-used have their data cleared through a process called “flashing,” which reloads the phone software and clears out all data on the phone.

Can I collect big desktop computers and monitors?

No. We don’t currently accept desktop computers and monitors. Those items pose a risk to the shipping companies if the monitor breaks during transit. We encourage you to recycle those items locally. Here is a website to find the closest recycler to you that accepts desktop computers, monitors and often printers.

How do I determine the weight on my shipping label?

Don’t worry too much about the weight. UPS will very kindly adjust any overweight package and bill us for the difference. (This has no effect on your payout.) Just make sure that your box is securely taped so no phones come out during shipment.

Do you accept broken phones?

Yes, we accept all phones. We have been doing this for a while and understand that a small percentage of phones will be broken. You will get paid whatever the price guide indicates as long as it’s a whole phone. For example, you won’t get paid on a phone that is ripped in half, although we can still recycle partial phones.

How long does it take to get paid for the phones?

It takes about two to four weeks from the day you ship your box of phones until the day you have your check in hand. Here is the timeline:
– 1 week to ship to our facility
– 3-4 days to process and inventory all phones, and e-mail your inventory statement
– 3-4 days to issue payment
– 4-6 days for USPS to deliver your check

What non-profits do you support?

We have worked with a multitude of non-profits over the years. When you are printing off your free shipping label you can choose to support one of these charities or write in your own.